Sex education and population growth

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Sex education and population growth

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sex education and population growth

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having sex post pregnancy

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Is sex really that critical to a healthy marriage? My husband tells me that sex is a sacrament and a holy mystery that it needs to be central to our relationship. Question what does the bible say about oral sex? Answer oral sex, also known as cunnilingus when performed on females and fellatio when performed on males, is not mentioned in the bible. My concern in my marriage is tha my husband and i have sex only once every 3-4months and ghis has been the case for the last 6 years that we have been married. And despite what current culture wants us to believe, marital sex is between a man and a woman, not two men or two women. Simple biology makes it obvious that male and female bodies were designed to fit together in a way that same-sex physiology cannot. The principle of habit we must not cheat our partner by abstaining from the habit of sex, except by mutual consent for a brief time love life for every married couple, pp. Learn more about sex and marriage in our sex, love & relationships web site (christiananswers.).   our editors have compiled the best on marriage sex topics from the archives.

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