Sex and marriage during the restoration

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Sex and marriage during the restoration

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sex and marriage during the restoration

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Its not something thats on the menu all the time, so when its available, guys really want to put their penis in that pumpkin spice latte. We would have sex 3 times a day every other day and anal once in a while. Now he says he just doesnt want to or he wants to in his mind but his body doesnt want to, and i was okay with it! Cause you know, not everything its about sex. Anal sex tops the must try list for many guysbut its not exactly up there for most women. We asked a few seasoned sex experts why men are so fascinated by the idea of getting into our back.   my boyfriend doesnt seem to be interested in penetrative sex but prefers oral sex. He knows that i enjoy it too but seems to think that just me giving him oral sex is enough for both of us. Imagine my shock when i realised he wanted me to do it to him. Boyfriends obsession with anal boyfriend wont have vaginal sex with me, just anal.   every time my boyfriend and i have sex he always has to do anal. I ask him why he doesnt like having normal sex but he just says he wants it to be different. Is there away i can et him to change his fantasys or get him to not want to have anal as much? He and i have been together for two years and we just now started having sex.   theres a pretty interesting thread about couples who have gone anal only. In this oralanal inclined forum, i wondered how many women would prefer, or consider, going to anal only sex lives - that is, to stop having vaginal sex in favor of anal sex for good. Feel free to share your thoughts on why, preferences, whatever.

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