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City memorable quote sex

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It can delay your period for 9 months! If you are in doubt, take a test and be sure. A late period can be very scary, especially if you are sexually active and not ready to have a baby. Does sex cause your period to come later? We asked experts to explain what the correlation between sex and a delay in period might be. It isnt sex exactly that can affect the timing of your period, but it can affect arousal since that causes a surge in hormones. The mechanics of sex dont change anything but if you are aroused (even if you dont have an orgasm) it causes your hormones to get all jazzed up which can temporarily delay your period.   ok girls, first of all, having sex does not delay ur period, it can make it come but it wont delay it. As far as being pregnant goes, just because u used a condom doesnt mean ur automatically not pregnant. Hi-) having sex and not getting pregnant does not cause problems for a womans womb. You say you just removed and iud ( im assuming thats what you mean by implant) that can cause delay in pregnancy because your period cycle needs to get back to normal. If your period is more than a week late, and you had unprotected sex anytime since your last period started, theres a chance you may be pregnant. To find out, you can try a home pregnancy test, many of which can detect pregnancy even before your period is late. During menstruation and a few days after it, the concentration of both hormones is low, which can cause a decrease in sexual desire. By the time of ovulation, your estrogen levels go up, reaching their peak, which is why your libido will normally get more intense during this period.

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