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In the name of allah, we praise him, seek his help and ask for his forgiveness. Whoever allah guides none can misguide, and whoever he allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. We bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but allah alone,. Babies are still born in muharram-- should we not celebrate these births? No, i think we, as humans, are capable of simultaneously having more than one type of feeling-- being sad for deaths, and happy for the births, marriages, sex, etc.   why r we sooo stubborn with this issue when we have no such hadith and rulings supporting it? Well can i contribute some ruling from rahbar ayatullah kahmenei ? The question was like is it allowed for married persons to have sex with herhis spouse in the 40 days of aza in muharram and safar. We are confused because muharram starts from 10 th jan which is for 40 days. Can you please tell me if a wedding reception can be held during muharram? This is very urgent because i need to do the arrangements accordingly. Warm regards (there may be some grammatical and spelling errors in the above statement.).   the story of muharram the real story behind the mourning of muharram is a very tragic one. On the 10th day of muharram, also called ashura, in the 61st year of the islamic calendar, the fierce. Rather, we should value muharram as one of allaahs sacred months in which we should strive to do good deeds and be extra careful of sinning. We should try and fast as much as we can in this month, especially the 9th and 10th. We should not be superstitious about it (or for anything else,.). The first month, muharram, is one of the four sacred months mentioned in the quran, along with the seventh month of rajab, and the eleventh and twelfth months of dhu al-qidah and dhu al-hijjah, respectively, immediately preceding muharram. In islam, the basic premise is that everything is permissible until deduced or suggested to be otherwise - in the light of the quran and saheeh hadith.   the islamic new year should begin at dusk on january 9th,2008. The 1st month on the islamic calendar, muharram, is one of the four sacred months in islam. The other three being dhul-qadah, rajab (the month of the prophet muhammads night journey and ascension to the 7 heavens) and dhul-hijjah (the month of pilgrimage). Muharram observances are carried out in countries with a sizable shia population. Shia muslims mourn during muharram, although sunnis do so to a much lesser extent. Storytelling, weeping, self-flagellation, and re-enactments of the battle of karbala form the crux of the observances.

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