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Intercourse pain, or dyspareunia, can cause problems in a couples sexual relationship. In addition to the physically painful sex, there is also the possibility of negative emotional effects. Some of these causes are infections, such as sexually transmitted diseases. Others are unrelated to sexual activity, such as endometriosis and ovarian cysts. Trauma, as well as certain cancers, can also cause pain during in addition, there are sexual pain disorders, such as vulvodynia, that are less well understood. Sex does intercourse hurt? A guide to womens sexual pain sexual pain is common, but can usually be cured. Sometimes, not only does a back patient fear pain, but a partner also worries about hurting the person during sex, according to lauren hebert, dpt, ocs, a physical therapist in dixfield, maine. Pain during sex not only ruins the moment, it can have much greater consequences.   does it hurt to lose your virginity? The first time you have vaginal sex, it may hurt, or feel good, or both. There might be pain and bleeding the first time a penis or fingers go into your vagina, but it doesnt happen to everybody.

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