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Orthodox couples often see pre-marital counsellors before their wedding to learn about sex and about jewish religious laws of menstrual purity. The hasidic community is organized in a sect known as court (hebrew , hatzer yiddish , hoif from german hofgerichtshof). In the early days of the movement, a particular rebbes following usually resided in the same town, and hasidim were categorized by their leaders settlement a hasid of belz, vizhnitz, and so forth. Later, especially after world war ii, the dynasties retained the names of their original eastern european settlements when moving to the west or israel. Hasidic jewish communities live inside the eruv (or eyruv), which is a wire set up as a boundary between hasidism and the world. The eruv is intended to create unity within its confines, as a symbolic border for a community that links together private spaces so people can complete everyday tasks on the shabbat. It essentially creates one big jewish house in order to allow movement on the.   traditional jewish law not only prohibits many types of sexual relationships, but it also dictates specific parameters even for permitted ones. Feldman also intimated that the purpose of hasidic (aka jewish). The main purpose of sex as explained by jewish law is to create something. All hasidic ultra orthodox rules apply to jewish people only - people who are not jewish are not required to follow these customs or prohibitions. This is the reason that occasionally hasidic jewish people will ask a non-jewish person to perform a basic task for them - such as turning on a light, turning on an air conditioner, etc. The stringencies associated with this practice -- general separation of the genders, refraining from physical contact with the opposite sex and the modesty laws -- are all designed to promote the ardent primacy and exclusivity of the marital relationship. You said i was shocked when many would respond with a period of longer than 6 months. Any religious jewish couple will not have this issue due to the laws of nidda. There are jewish couples who dont have sex for months, who keep the laws of niddah. Kabbalistic texts, such as the holy letter, writes that a man should arouse his wife during sex and even that he should ensure that she achieves orgasm before he does. Some medieval rabbis even allowed forms of contraception so that couples could engage in sex for pleasure. On the other hand, sexual activity is also viewed as a grave sin within judaism if it is outside of the bounds of.

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