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Sex dlm pandangan islam

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The reason why you were told to avoid having sex for a week after your abortion was because of the small risk of infection after this procedure. Hi alice, can you get pregnant within 2 weeks after having an abortion if you had unprotected outercourse? It is exactly 1 month since my abortion and i have not had my period. I did a home pregnancy test 12 days after being intimate and it was negative. After both types of abortion procedures, its typically advised that you wait about two weeks before having sex or inserting anything vaginally. The best thing to do is wait it out, do not have any sex for a couple weeks after the abortion. And i stopped bleeding completely so i had sex again and now im regulary bleeding again. So wait it out because you never know what is going to happen. You can usually have sex as soon as you feel ready after an abortion. But some doctors recommend that you wait until any vaginal bleeding stops, as this will reduce the risk of infection. Use contraception if you do not want to get pregnant, as you may be fertile from immediately after the abortion. Pregnancy after abortion unprotected sex 2 weeks after abortion 2 weeks after abortion had sex what are the chances of being pregnant unprotected sex two weeks after abortion. Abortion and having sex after pregnant again after abortion! Having sex right after abortion with no condom i had an abortion, then. Sex after abortion eight women talk about what it was really like to have sex again for the first time after having an abortion. We were supposed to wait at least two weeks to have sex again. You must have unprotected sex, or sex when birth control, like a condom, fails. Having unprotected sex two days after an abortion sounds pretty cra. How soon after an abortion can i have sex? You can have sex after two weeks, or a few days after bleeding has stopped. You may also be advised by your doctor to avoid sex, swimming, using tampons or having baths for two weeks, or a few days after bleeding has stopped. After an abortion, which ends a pregnancy and removes tissues from the uterus, a womans body needs 2 to 3 weeks to fully heal. After an abortion (or a miscarriage, or giving birth, for that matter) the tissues of the uterus and cervix may be more susceptible to infection for a period of time.

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