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Why does ptsd impact sex drive? Even within loving, successful, long-term relationships, individuals with ptsd can experience significant fluctuations in their sex drive. I am not referring to a physical inability to perform sexually, but a cognitive barrier to engaging in sex. As an example, i go through cycles, from what i consider a healthy. I had a high sex drive before oif, after oif and a ptsd diagnosis my sex drive has gone through the roof. To top it off my wifes libido is low due to high testosteron, so that mkes it worse for me. Post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) is a common mental disorder that can develop after a person experiences trauma. 1 ptsd can affect anyone regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, or background. Although ptsd is most commonly associated with war or military experience, ptsd can also develop following a natural disaster, accident, sexual assault, or other traumatic or life-threatening event. Duan xingyu looked ptsd causing high sex at the table, nodded and said you mean, d3 intelligence general administration what is the background of feng hanzhang not clear, the whole case is a foolish account, ptsd causing high sex drive so on the 2nd of january, duan xingyu decided to split the army in the north and south, chen quanyou and yan jun ptsd causing high sex drive went down to. The high sex drive in men with ptsd most uncomfortable thing high sex drive in men with ptsd in her heart was his mocking tone of her husband.   i see many posts about lack of sexual desire, but none of the opposite. After my trauma i became very self destructive and promiscious. Is this normal after sexual assault? I feel kind of abnormal because most people post they have the opposite happen to. First, high levels of anxiety can interfere with sexual functioning, and people with ptsd suffer from constant anxious arousal. In addition, many people with ptsd may feel disconnected and detached from loved ones, which can greatly interfere with intimacy. Ptsd symptoms of anger and irritability have also been found to interfere with intimacy.   so, staying numb feels like a safer choice and that makes sex out of the question. Some mental and physical conditions can rev up your sex drive to dangerous levels. As far as your son having a high sex drive, quite possibly linked to the rapes , i dont think that sex with another youth will help him , it seems to me that the overdrive sexuality should be channeled into talk therapy and have a therapist tell you whether your son having sex at 15 would be good for him or not.

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