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In reality thats probably true its like trying to tell the sex of a human by just the nose, we all have different shapes and sizes and in truth it could probably not be done. But it is much different with a little experience, a little know how and 2 birds to compare, then even the novice breeder would be able to tell 95 of the time the sexes. The best and sure way is to have a dna test done, if you are not sure of the sex. However male kakarikis are slightly larger, have a broader beak & rounded head as compared to female kakarikis.   those are beauties i have kakarikis a pair of adults and their four youngsters. The female is a lot broader and has a wider beak than the male also from looking at the pics of the youngsters what sex do you think each one is view attachment 26572. Hello welcome to the parrot club i have been up for a couple of hours but not on line. Males usually have long wide beaks, females usually have shorter narrower beaks. Sometimes you may also notice that females have a flatter head than males.   my kakariki is first talking and than he is going to get a bath, he loves it so much for the people who are complaining about the cage, he has a big cage this was the cage when he got him so dont. Kakariki male vs female, kakariki parrot male or female, male vs female kakariki, parrot kakariki what difference male or female, sexing kakarikis, yellow crowned kakariki sexing.   kakariki are one of few parrots that dont return positive results using this meathod. The best way to sex these birds is whilst they are still in the nest. The larger broader beak of the cock bird is very easy to pick at around 2 weeks of age.

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