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Same-sex marriage is legally performed and recognized (nationwide or in some parts) in the following countries argentina, australia, austria, belgium, brazil, canada, colombia, costa rica, denmark, ecuador, finland, france, germany, greenland, iceland, ireland, luxembourg, malta, mexico, the netherlands, new zealand, norway, portugal, south africa, spain, sweden, taiwan, the united kingdom, the united states, and uruguay. Same-sex marriage in australia has been legal since 9 december 2017. Legislation to allow same-sex marriage, the marriage amendment (definition and religious freedoms) act 2017, passed the australian parliament on 7 december 2017 and received royal assent from the governor-general the following day. The law came into effect on 9 december, immediately recognising overseas same-sex marriages. The development of same-sex relationship recognition in nsw is described in section three (pp 7-16). Particular attention is paid to the widespread changes that occurred as a result of the property (relationships) legislation amendment act 1999 which amended the definition of a de facto relationship so as to remove the requirement of partners being of the opposite sex. Indeed, international human rights law recognises that to maintain a traditional view of marriage, as a definitional construct, does not detract from the equality of same-sex persons, including in. 2 of italians respondents supported the recognition of same-sex unions. In greece, support for same-sex marriages to be allowed throughout europe more than doubled between 20, from 15 to 33. Same-sex marriage in germany has been recognized since bill for legalisation passed the bundestag on the bundesrat on 7 july. It was signed into law on 20 july by president frank-walter steinmeier and published in the federal law gazette on .   nigeria recognizes neither same-sex marriages nor civil unions for same-sex couples. Homosexuality can land men up to 14 years in prison in southern nigeria and capital punishment for men in areas under sharia islamic law. The very recognition of same-sex marriage on a par with traditional marriage demeans traditional marriage, makes it less valuable. Whats being said, it seems, is something like this if the metropolitan opera auditions started giving prizes to pop singers of the sort who sing on american idol, this would contaminate the opera world.

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