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Sex after an episiotomy forum

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sex after an episiotomy forum

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Are you suffering from low libido while taking suboxone, methadone, heroin or rx opiates? If you answered no to this question, this article is not for you. However, if you screamed yes!, i believe i can helpand ive also been in your shoes. While i was on suboxone, i basically had no sex drive whatsoever.   low tsex drivelibido on suboxone or opiates kickin addiction. Low libido and lack of sex drive caused by adrenal fatigue - duration 524. The only time my sex drive was ever low was when i was on methadone. I guess im quick to blame it on suboxone but it could be depression. I totally lost my sex drive as well for probably about 18 months or so - a bit more than that. Im in a sub taper now and the lower i taper the more it improves. I still dont have a normal sex drive considering my age but there has definitely been a change for the better thus far. Anyway, thts not why im writing, i wana hear from both women & men who are with women who are suboxone. My sex drive is almost non-existent& im trying to find out if its just me or if other women are going thru this as well. Im 25 and have no gf, but pre-addict times, in my low 20s, i was still single, (another problem of mine, anxiety, depression and low self esteems a fuckin killer man), and i had a sex drive so strong i couldnt imagine what id do if i had sex with a chick, would be crazy id assume.

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