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Bbc documentary sex trafficking

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bbc documentary sex trafficking

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Only then does it expand to encompass areas like contracts, property, marriage,. Due to the ambivalent language about homosexuality in buddhist teachings, there has been no official stance put forth regarding the issue of marriage between members of the same gender. There is no official buddhist position on the issue of same-sex marriage. La trobe university lecturer yassir morsi said there have been massive debates in the community about a muslim position on same-sex marriage.   other christians completely oppose same-sex marriage, as there are many passages in the bible which view it as wrong.   some muslim academics disagree with this interpretation, arguing that the people of lot were destroyed not because of participation in same-sex acts, but because of misdeeds which included refusing to worship one god, disregarding the authority of the prophets, and attempting to rape the travelers, a crime made even worse by the fact that the travelers were under lots protection and. Same-sex marriage is not legal in the country but there is public support for recognizing and registering same-sex marriages performed in other countries. Israel also allows transgender individuals to legally change their gender without surgery. Same-sex intercourse carries the death penalty in five officially muslim nations saudi arabia, iran, mauritania, sudan, and yemen. 3 it formerly carried the death penalty in afghanistan under the taliban, and in iraq under a 2001 decree by saddam hussein. My friend islam has very positive feelings about same sex marriage. This is because two butch lesbians saved his life one night when a group of intolerant religious christian bigots thought it would be a good idea to teach that terrorist a lesson. Muslims said they supported same-sex marriage last year, in a survey by the washington-based public religion research institute. In addition, a small number of islamic scholars, mainly in the west, have started re-examining islamic teaching on same-gender sex and have concluded that the blanket condemnation is a misinterpretation. Muslim marriage sites are often chosen for their proximity to a mosque, although it isnt a strict requirement that the ceremony be performed there. The prophet is quoted as calling for marriage to be announced in public and accompanied by the beating of drums, which has led many to believe that a large public ceremony is preferable to the private mahr.

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