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Question what are biblical grounds for divorce? Answer when discussing what the bible says about divorce, it is important to keep in mind the words of malachi 216, i hate divorce, says the lord god. Whatever grounds the bible possibly gives for divorce, that does not mean god desires a divorce to occur in those instances. Sexless marriage is grounds for divorce posted on april 15, 2014 according to the new york times , men and women who are married have sex an average. Its about being together and learning to meet the needs of each other. In genesis 224, we see that the son and daughter leave their parents to come together and create a new family. If a couple has absolutely no sex life, are they still married in gods eyes? When does a divorce actually begin? Ive always believed that sexual intercourse is the glue that cements the marital bond. The bible even says, the two shall become one flesh (genesis 224). Why in the world they are suggesting a divorce is beyond me because there are absolutely no biblical grounds for a divorce in this case. The bible gives us very straight-forward reasons for divorce. Three specific things the bible says about divorce are adultery is always grounds for divorce, a christian may. Failure to have sex with a spouse who wants affection is considered desertion and can still be valid grounds for divorce in states where fault is assigned to one party or the other (all states have no-fault status, but some continue to include fault status as well).   some view this ground as inferior to that of adultery, and a few even reject willful desertion as a biblical ground for divorce. Ones view of scripture will affect ones view on this issue. If a person accepts the inspiration and infallibility of the scriptures, then it cannot stand that what jesus said in matthew carries more authority than what paul wrote in 1 corinthians. Is a sexless marriage biblical grounds for divorce? The intimate duality touches you to the core of your existence. Think of the moments when you made love in a perfectly safe setting and devoid of any kind of guilt. Thats how he read more is a sexless marriage biblical grounds for. Expecting somebody to accept a lack of intimacy shows no interest in the marriage as an equal union. Your continuous feeling of rejection takes a big toll, which should be something that your partner takes into consideration. Sexless marriage is almost unanimously defined as having sex less than once a month.

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