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  any sex (including oral sex) outside of marriage is a sin. Oral sex shouldnt be seen as a justifiable substitute for intercourse for couples who arent married. In the new testament, were giving the high standard of not allowing even a hint of sexual immorality (ephesians 53). Is oral sex a sin in marriage? What about oral sex before marriage? Oral sex can be a beautiful and pleasurable way to bring more intimacy, pleasure, and connection within your marriage. If its not happening in your marriage and youd like it to, talk about it with your spouse. If theyre not comfortable with it, talk about the reasons why.   is oral sex a sin in marriage? Check out this clip where dave and ashley willis address this loaded question. Want to hear more from dave and ashley? Check out the naked marriage podcast https. Is oral sex biblically wrong within marriage? Question my wife and i love the lord with all our hearts, and we dont want to do anything to sin against him. Is oral sex a sin if done within a marriage? Many, perhaps most, christian married couples have had this question. What makes it difficult is the fact that the bible nowhere says what is allowed or disallowed sexually between a husband and wife, other than, of course, any sexual activity that involves another person (swapping, threesomes, etc.). Two books that offer specific directions about the catholic churchs teaching on oral sex are christopher wests good news about sex and marriage answers to your honest questions about catholic teaching (ann arbor, mi servant publications, 2000) and vincent genovesis in pursuit of love catholic morality and human sexuality (collegeville, mn the liturgical press, 1996).   sex is very important in marriage, and is meant to be enjoyed by both partners. However, if he knew exactly how you felt, without him feeling like he was wrong for anything(because, seriously, he shouldnt feel like hes breaking the marriage over this.). We get a lot of questions about relationships, dating, marriage, and of course sex. And that leads to episodes that may not be suitable for all listeners and are really designed to be listened to by married couples. In the last month ten questions have arrived on the question of oral sex.   in your first post, you said oral sex is permitted within marriage now you are saying the church condemns oral sex. Stimulation was what i meant and i am sorry if i confused anybody with what was typed. I had hoped it was articulated well enough that it would be generally understood. Dear ron, jake and i are civilly married and have been together 3 years. We are going thru the marriage preparation and are looking forward to our ceremony in september. We have a very loving and intimate sex life and were trying to educate ourselves on the teachings of the catholic church.

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