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  a scene from the documentary picasso magic, sex and death.   picasso magic, sex, & death (2001) is a three-episode channel 4 film documentary series on pablo picasso (18811973) presented by the artists friend and biographer john richardson,. Mike lerner christopher bruce waldemar januszczak billy klüver gérard régnier bernard minoret mary ann caws maya picasso florence rionnet bernard ruiz picasso david gilmore ian salvage john richardson john street simon russell succession picasso (firm) american home treasures, inc. From picassos childhood fascination with the occult and his complicated ideas of sex to his frustration over death and want, this insightful portrait reveals the private messages hidden beneath the paint. Its your chance to drink deeply of the potent elixir that fueled pablo picassos unstoppable hunger for sex, life, mystery, and creation. Carles antoni cosme damià casagemas i coll (carlos casagemas) (september 27, 1880, in barcelona february 17, 1901, in paris, france) was a catalan painter and poet. He is known for his friendship with pablo picasso, who painted several portraits of casagemas. They traveled around spain and eventually to paris, where they lived together in a vacant studio. Arts, biography documentary published by channel 4 in 2005 - english narration. Also known as picasso magic, sex and death cover informationpresented by a friend of picasso in his later years, john richardson, picasso the full story is an accessible and comprehensive look at the life of the most important artist of the 20th century, examining the influences and. Welcome to waldemars world waldemar januszczak is britains most distinguished art critic. Formerly the art critic of the guardian, he now writes for the sunday times, and has twice won the critic of the year award. Renowned for his feisty opinions, waldemar is also a film maker of television arts documentaries. Russian ольга степановна хохлова, ukrainian ольга степанівна хохлова, june 17, 1891 february 11, 1955) was a ukrainian ballet dancer of noble descent. Marie-thérèse walter ( ) was the french lover and model of pablo picasso from 1927 to about 1935 and the mother of their daughter maya widmaier-picasso. Their relationship began when she was seventeen years old he was 45 and still living with his first wife, olga khokhlova. It ended when picasso moved on to his next relationship, with artist dora maar.

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