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Sex during the safe period is a natural contraceptive, but it is effective only when you understand your menstrual cycle and accurately calculate the safe and unsafe days. That said, there is no guarantee that having sex only during the safe period will prevent pregnancy, as the womans period cycle may change, and a miscalculation could lead to accidental pregnancies. For many women, having unprotected sex around the time of your period is unlikely to result in pregnancy, but this isnt always the case. Safe period calculator is developed to provide maximum protection against unwanted pregnancy. Basic understanding of physiological and hormonal changes of the female reproductive system during the menstrual cycle is helpful to understand the safe day calculation method. Calculate your safeperiod safe period calculator helps you to find out the safe days that you can make love without fear. In natural way you can avoid pregnancy by remembering some dates. Find when is the safe period in your menstrual cycle, when the chances of getting pregnant (conception) is 0 to 5. A higher chance of pregnancy is there in this phase so for safe sex use condoms or contraceptives. 3) secretory or luteal phase this phase ends up a specific menstrual cycle. These are safe days for sex as the ovum gets degraded and is in non-active mode. The safe days calculator helps you to calculate the safe period or infertile period between your or your partners last menstrual cycle.

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