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And finally, do not forget to practice safe sex, especially with a new partner. Its important to use a condom each time you have sex since there is no age limit for sexually transmitted diseases. Sources could 6 years of abstinence have made sex very uncomfortable for me? - sexual dysfunction questions. After a long period of abstinence, it may take time to stretch the vagina so that it can accommodate a penis. A dilator is a smooth tube you can use to gently stretch your vaginal tissues. He or she may recommend placing the dilator in your vagina for several minutes at a time, several times a week. Whether your libido has taken a nose dive or you broke up with your partner, gynecologists explain what happens to your body after you stop having sex. After staying so long without having sex, celibacy was my default state, all i ever knew. The post-sex state was like getting that now what? Feeling after eating the last spoonful of nutella from the jar -you want to go back but you cant. Com lately i have started bleeding after having intercourse, i had an infection a few weeks ago and now the lining of my vagina seems very thin and it hurts to have sex and then i bleed. Dear reader, rest assured that many have experienced vaginal bleeding associated with penetration or sex. Most vaginal bleeding is considered normal and typically doesnt require medical treatment, especially if youre pre-menopausal and have normal results on routine pap smears and pelvic exams. Whats more, not having had sex in over a year could have very well played a part in the. The most likely cause depends on your age, pregnancy status, and risk for sexually transmitted infections, notes carriveau.

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