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Learn how birth affects sex, how long changes may last, and when you can safely resume sex. Why dont i feel like having sex after the birth? Its very common not to feel like having sex in the first few weeks or months after having a baby. Three months after having a baby, nearly nine in 10 new mums experience issues (mcdonald 2015). For a start, youre probably feeling exhausted due to lack of sleep and the demands of looking after a new baby. Here are 10 things you should know about sex after giving birth 1 theres no right time. Just because your mama friend with the super high sex drive put out before shed even left the delivery suite, that doesnt mean the clock is ticking on your own sex life.   before hopping under the sheets, though, its important to note that sex after birth takes some timeand effort. If youre breastfeeding, even mother nature is working against you. After birth, many new moms havent gotten back on birth control. This is risky because even if you havent had your first postpartum period yet, you could still get pregnant, and that takes a toll on your already exhausted body. Studies have shown that women who have babies too close together may be at higher risk for some complications, such as low birth weight, says riley. Heather says there are many reasons why sex after birth hurts, such as after a vaginal birth there may be scar tissue that is still sensitive. Gently massaging the areas that are tender will help with circulation and healing.   youre likely to have less natural vaginal lubrication in the first four to six weeks after the birth due to your bodys decreasing level of estrogen during this time. If youre breastfeeding your baby, this dryness may continue for as long as you continue to nurse. Or it may return slowly as your nursing sessions become less frequent. Physically and mentally, sex can seem really daunting after everything your body has gone through during birth (whether you have a natural delivery or a c-section). When is it safe to have sex after giving birth? You can have sex as soon as you feel ready after having a baby (nhs 2018b). Some experts advise waiting until after any bleeding has stopped, to reduce the risk of infection while your uterus (womb) is healing (nct 2018), but ultimately its up to you. You can get pregnant as little as 3 weeks after the birth of a baby, even if youre breastfeeding and your periods havent started again. Unless you want to get pregnant again, its important to use some kind of contraception every time you have sex after giving birth, including the first time.

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