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Partner has lost sex drive

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partner has lost sex drive

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  in islamic fiqh, including the sunnis, a person like this must choose his sex according to the dominant traits of that particular sex. If this person chooses to become a male due to male dominant attributes over his female dominant attributes, then an operation removing females attributes is allowed. Well, to be brief and honest, the rules for who is allowed to get a gender assignment operation are very strict. It is a permissible option only for those who are truly transgendered, not just someone who wakes up one morning and decides he wants. Because sex-reassignment is actually impossible, based on all prohibitions reasons, it can be concluded that sex-reassignment surgery is prohibited, because it was proved that real change is a non-accomplishment, thus, the persons behavior compliance as effeminacy and imitation of male to female in male and female to male in female and the practice compliance as. Unfortunate,the dumb wahhabis too have repeated these claims to attack the shia. The first thing you need to check is if the statement attributed to ayatollah khomeini is found in the so called 4th volume of tahrilol wasila,then it is definitely false because theres no 4th volume. In fact, the islamic republic of iran not only allows sex reassignment, but also subsidizes it. Before the 1979 islamic revolution in iran there was no official government policy on transgender. Several acts have been recommended in islam and if these instructions are acted upon, they will result in a healthy and fresh body. A committed relationship can be achieved only if there is honesty, love and sex to.

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