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  distinctive ovarian tumor associated with hyperestrinism (50) 13 with tumor have peutz-jegher syndrome peutz-jegher syndrome autosomal dominant with variable penetrance patients have ovarian sex cord stromal tumors or tumorlets with annular tubules (almost all patients, usually bilateral, often with calcifications, tumorlets are benign) mucocutaneous melanin pigmentation (lips,.).   an ovarian sex cord tumor with annular tubules (sctat) is a tumor that grows from cells in the ovaries known as sex cord cells. As these cells grow, they form tube-like shapes in the tumor. Sctats can develop in one or both ovaries, and may cause symptoms such as puberty at an exceptionally young age (precocious puberty), irregular menstrual cycles, or post-menopausal bleeding. Sex cord stromal tumor with annular tubules (sctat) represents a rare type (2. It has morphological features between sertoli cell tumor and granulosa cell tumor.). Sex cord tumor with annular tubules (sctats) is a rare ovarian tumor first described in 1970 by scully. It accounts for only six of sex cord stromal tumors, which in turn account for only 8 of the overall ovarian neoplasms. Since scully described it, numerous case reports and a few series have contributed to the better understanding of this rare morphological entity. Ovarian tumors, sex-cord tumors, sex cord tumor with annular tubules. Sex cord tumors with annular tubules (sctat) are first described by scully. They are rare tumors of the ovary which account for less than 1 of all sex cord stromal tumors. One third of sctat are accompanied by peutz-jeghers syndrome (pjs) 3,4.   the sex cord tumor with annular tubules (sctat) is a distinctive ovarian neoplasm the predominant component of which has morphologic features intermediate between those of the granulosa cell tumor and those of the sertoli cell tumor focal differentiation into either granulosa cell or sertoli cell tumor may occur. The tubules are lined by tall epithelial cells with nuclei at their base close to the basement membrane. The interalveolar stromal tissue, seen on the left, appears dense and fibrous. Ovarian sex cord tumor with annular tubules 131 tumor had fallen into the cul de sac. Sex cordgonadal stromal tumour is a group of tumors derived from the stromal component of the ovary and testis, which comprises the granulosa, thecal cells and fibrocytes . In contrast, the epithelial cells originate from the outer epithelial lining surrounding the gonad while the germ cell tumors arise from the precursor cells of the gametes, hence the name germ cell. In humans, this group accounts for 8 of ovarian cancers and under 5 of testicular cancers.

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