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Sex your woman and you

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Spotting before a period is usually harmless, and it may not always have a clear cause. There are many reasons you might experience spotting before your period, including changes to a medication, pregnancy, an infection, or another underlying condition.   brightman said she considers spotting three or fewer days before a period to be normal. But if you notice spotting four or more days before a period, you should talk with your gynecologist. Hi there ive had the same to me my hubby tried on the 23rd feb 2012 3 days after my period, once i started ovulating i had some bleeding for 3 days then my period was late 2 days it lasted 2 hours then started up the next day with spotting and pinky colour and a touch of brown. The term vaginal spotting is usually referred to light bleeding happening outside of periods. You can have spotting a week before period, after sex, or even right before menstruation. But how do you really distinguish brown spotting before period from the menstrual bleeding itself? What a. Many women experience spotting before their period or at times out of their regular menstrual period. The severity of the spotting can range from a few pink or brown spots on underwear to heavier vaginal bleeding. In most cases, spotting before period isnt anything to worry about and it will only last a couple of days. Brown discharge before a period is usually harmless, and there are many possible reasons for it. Sometimes, it can be an early indication of pregnancy or perimenopause. Spotting at the time of your period, which is around 10 to 14 days after ovulation, may be caused by implantation in early pregnancy. When implantation occurs, the fertilized egg burrows deeper. Spotting before your period is typically nothing to worry about. But in some cases, it may be related to a health condition, such as fibroids and pregnancy. This so-called implantational spotting is usually brownish in color and light, she says. If the bleeding resembles a heavy period or youre also feeling cramps, it may be a sign youre having.

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