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Female sex survey 2012

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Comparatively, few authors studied the sexual dimorphism of the long bones of the arm. Singh and coworkers , deal with the identification of sex from the humerus and the ulna in an indian population. Dittrick and myers suchey among other things carried out a discriminant analysis for sex determination in prehistoric californian skeletons.   sex determination and estimation of stature from the long bones of the arm.   sex estimation from measurements of the first rib in a contemporary polish population. Lee j-h, kim y-s, lee u-y, park d-k, jeong y-g, lee ns, et al. Sex determination using upper limb bones in korean populations. Krongman ranks accuracy of sex determination using the pelvis at 95 , the skull at 90, the pelvis and skull at 98 and long bones at 80. The determination of sex by examination of the skeleton is based upon the appearances of 1. Sex determination reports have been published for the pelvic bone , skull 22, 23, corpus callosum 24, 25, hyoid bone , thyroid cartilage , and mandible 28, 29 in korean sample populations. Involving only fragmentary or incomplete remains, sex can be determined by quantitative metric analysis, although with somewhat lower accuracy. Sex determination using the pelvis at 95 , the skull at 90, the pelvis and skull at 98 and long bones at 80. The determination of sex by examination of the skeleton is based upon the appearances of 1. Determination of sex from skeletal remains is performed using a number of methods developed by biological anthropology. They must be evaluated for consistency and for their performance in a forensic setting. Twenty skeletons of varied provenance had their sex determined by 15 existing methods of forensic anthropology (7 metric and 8 morphological). The preferred method for aging archaeological juvenile skeletons is by dental examination for reasons of accuracy. In cases where no dental records are available, age estimation may be performed according to the length of long bones. Determination of age sex and identification of deceased person by skeletal bones and by teeth was analyzed. Stature in life, cause of death and individual skeletal characteristics was also. Dsp method of sex determination from hip bones has proved to be a reliable method too in sexing following successful testing on many populations.

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