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Sex and starting labor

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sex and starting labor

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Sex differences in athletic performance emerge coinciding with the onset of male puberty. Testosterone levels in men are consistently 1015 times higher than in children or women at any age. 1 the age at which sex differences emerge is reported as around the age of 12 from a study of individual norwegian athletes in two running and. Sex differences in athletic performance emerge coinciding with the onset of male puberty. The gender divergence in athletic performance begins at the age of 12-13 years and reaches adult plateau in the late teenage years with the timing and tempo closely parallel to the rise in circulating testosterone in boys during puberty.   the basis for the sex difference in muscle mass and strength is the sex difference in circulating testosterone as clearly shown (for example) by (1) the enhanced athletic performance of men compared with prepubertal boys and women (2) the close correspondence of muscle growth (muscle size) with muscle strength in ascending dose studies in men by bhasin et al. Sex has been identified as a major determinant of athletic performance through the impact of height, weight, body fat, muscle mass, aerobic capacity or anaerobic threshold as a result of genetic and hormonal differences (cureton et al.). I came across this very interesting analysis of female vs male athletic performances from 1997 with. Who really cares? If top performance is the interest, then sex doesnt really matter.   prior to puberty, there is no sex difference in circulating testosterone concentrations or athletic performance, but from puberty onward a clear sex difference in athletic performance emerges as circulating testosterone concentrations rise in men because testes produce 30 times more testosterone than before puberty with circulating testosterone exceeding 15-fold that of women at any.

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