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These differences vary in magnitude as a function of the type of material to be remembered. Throughout the life span, verbal episodic-memory tasks yield differences favoring women. In contrast, episodic-memory tasks requiring visuospatial processing result in differences favoring men. Several laboratory studies have found gender differences favoring women in episodic memory tasks, typically using emotionally neutral materials (herlitz & rehnman, 2008). Sex differences in episodic memory the inuence of intelligence agneta herlitz1,2 and julie e. Yonker2 1arc, division of geriatric epidemiology, neurotec, karolinska institute, stockholm. Sex differences in episodic memory agneta herlitz and jenny rehnman aging research center, karolinska institutet, stockholm, sweden, and stockholm university, stockholm, sweden abstract?research shows sex differences in episodic memory. These differences vary in magnitude as a function of the type of material to be remembered.   psychologists determine significant sex differences in episodic memory, a type of long-term memory based on personal experiences,. There is an intriguing developmental discrepancy in female and male face processing abilities. When sex differences are found in face recognition tasks, female children and adults show an advantage over male children and adults (herlitz & rehnman, 2008), but male infants show an advantage over female infants (cashon & cohen, 2004 pascalis, de haan, nelson, & de schonen, 1998). There are also sex differences favoring women on episodic-memory tasks requiring both verbal and visuospatial processing and on face-recognition tasks. Thus, there may be a small, general episodic-memory advantage for women-an advantage that can increase by the advantage women have over men in verbal production and can be reversed by the male advantage in visuospatial tasks. Sex differences have been well established in several cognitive spheres since the seminal work of maccoby and jacklin in 1974 (halpern, 1992, halpern, 1997). Men typically excel in spatially oriented tasks whereas women usually have better verbal fluency (hyde & linn, 1988 voyer, voyer, & bryden, 1995). In the domain of memory, sex differences have been reported in episodic.   gender differences in visuo-spatial processing the importance of distinguishing between passive storage and active manipulation. Aim does ones sex influence how good their episodic memory is? Procedure psychologists, agneta herlitz and jenny rehnman, presented three groups of participants, both females and males, with black and white pictures of hairless, androgynous faces and described them as female faces, male faces or just faces.

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