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Tamil sex audio spech

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tamil sex audio spech

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Kori asks im and 18 years old and have been having sex for a year and been on the pill for about a year. I take my birth control like a ritual at the same time every day (the combination pill). Sometime my boyfriend and i dont use a condom in the beginning to get him hard then we always put one on. Is it safe to have sex with no condom on the pill? Asked by nicolearianna0 updated topics sex, condom, birth control pills, pill. Me and my boyfriend had sex with no condom but i am on the pill. Is it safe to have sex without it if im sure he doesnt have an std? The only way for you both to be sure that neither of you have a sexually transmitted infection is to be tested and only have sex with each other.   just wondering if its ok to just have sex without condom while on the pill. Been with my boyfriend for a year now and i know hes safe and healthy and so am i. Dear alice, my girlfriend has been on the pill for about three months now and so far shes never missed a day. The pill is contraception! You can use a condom too if you want to feel extra protected but the pill is to protect you from pregnancy. Yes theres still a small chance of getting pregnant but there is with all contraception. I would only recommend using the pill as your main form of contraception if you are in a long term relationship though. Me (19f) and my boyfriend (21m) have been together over a year and are sexually active. I am on birth control and we always use condoms as well when we have sex. However, something that we are both very interested in is having sex without a condom. There are a variety of ways to decrease the risk of unwanted pregnancies without using a condom. You can speak to your family doctor to discuss (and receive prescriptions for) various medical options, or you can opt for natural methods.   well if youve been on it for a while it can be safe but no method is 100. If you use condoms you dont need the pill nor do you need to worry about stis including hpv which can cause cancer and warts.

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