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Unprotected sex is so much better

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National organizations that provide information on child and youth sex trafficking prevention and intervention. If you are aware of any others, please contact child welfare information gateway at organizationupdateschildwelfare. Inclusion on this list is for information purposes and does not constitute an endorsement by child welfare information gateway or the childrens bureau. 8 million victims of sex trafficking worldwide, with the united states leading all other nations in driving demand i. The demand for purchasing women, men and children for sex is continuing to escalate due to our hypersexualized society, and the demand for sex with even younger children is increasing. Child trafficking is a crime that exploits girls and boys for numerous purposes including forced labor and sex. Because child trafficking is lucrative and often linked with criminal activity and corruption, it is hard to estimate how many children suffer, but trafficking and exploitation is an increasing risk to children around the world.   if you are looking for a way to help fight against human trafficking, heres a list of global anti-trafficking organizations, as well as organizations active in specific countries. Awareness is prevention (aip) is a human trafficking awareness organization it was created to educate the public on all forms of human trafficking, including sex trafficking and employment trafficking. Awareness is prevention (aip) was created to spread human trafficking awareness, including sex trafficking and employment trafficking. Our mission is to expand services to help organizations involved in human trafficking. Shared hopes interactive sex trafficking awareness initiatives include billboard campaigns, defenders pledge campaigns, kids are not for sale. Maiti nepal, a non-profit organization in nepal dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking mongolian gender equality center, a non-governmental organization based in ulaanbaatar, mongolia nashi, a saskatoon, saskatchewan, canada-based organisation that opposes human trafficking by raising awareness through education. But, there are also more people working to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery than ever before. Few of these organizations are large or well-knownrather, they work from the grassroots level, promoting awareness and advocating for change in the communities theyre needed most.

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