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His secret sex change

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his secret sex change

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Having sex twice in a row with no condom discussions by condition. Is it possible to get pregnate if me and my boyfriend had sex without protection and he pulled out, and then a few hours later had sex again without protection? Reply follow this thread stop following this thread flag this discussion.   my boyfriend and i had sex twice in a row with no condom, both times he pulled out before he released. I am currently not on any birth control and am supposed to have my period in about a week.   sex without condom! Could i be pregnant? Pregnant if i had sex with a condom after my periods. Had period one month after sex, pregnant ? Sex with a condom but scared help! Had sex for a couple of seconds, condom on, not ejaculation. But period is late! Had sex twice in one night second time unprotected condom rippped, he didnt cum, can i still.   are you more likely to get a girl pregnant if you have sex twice in a row without an condom? Answer save. Or delay in seeking such advice, because of something you read on this site. Since this scenario mimics having sex more than once within an hour, the studys lead author,. Study having sex twice in a row may increase your chance of getting pregnant. You may also be able to have more than one orgasm in a row, with or without ejaculating. However, as with trying to ejaculate multiple times, achieving multiple orgasms in a row takes a little. So my partner and i rely on condoms and we frequently like to go twice in a row. I get really nervous trying to put on the fresh condom on the second time. Theres still some semen on his penis obviously from cleaning off the first time, and im really nervous that while im rolling the condom down ill touch his penis with my fingers, then touch the outside of the new condom. I took off the condom and wiped my penis with a napkin but did not rinse or wash it. Had sex with second person and it was, of course, protected with a brand new condom. ) the first time he used the pulled out and came on me because i felt his cum on me. We laid there together for a little while before we had sex again but this time he did not pull out.

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