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  women typically experience sex addiction a bit differently than men, so for this post, well focus only on men. Here are 5 behaviors that can indicate sex addiction in men loss of interest in current sexual partner. When a male suddenly stops wanting sex, it can deeply disturb the relationship. Sex is a healthy part of life but for some people, it can become all-consuming.   sex addiction can be a highly dangerous and destructive condition. Like drug or alcohol dependence, it affects a persons mental health, personal relationships, quality of life, and safety. Its not always easy to tell if you or someone you love is addicted to sex, but there are a number of common personality traits that most sex addicts share. Below, well take a look at the five most ubiquitous personality traits that show the signs of a sex addict. Sex addiction may not be an established disorder in the dsm-5, but people who have a persistent pattern of failing to control repetitive sexual impulses are increasingly prevalent. Sex addiction is characterised by a persistent inability to control ones sexual thoughts or behaviour. If youre concerned you might be addicted to sex and struggling to control your. Sex addiction is real, and it can involve many different sexual antics. It may be a strong desire to have sex, masturbate, watch porn, or flirt. Sex addicts feel very guilty and ashamed of their behavior, and greedy individuals do not, said joe kort, a sexual addiction therapist and a doctor of sexology. We sex addicts are generally filled with shame and self-hate, and are deceitful because we feel that if we are found out we will lose everything. Sex addicts often describe their parents as rigid, distant and uncaring. These families, including the addicts themselves, are more likely to be substance abusers. Both heterosexual and homosexual adult males suffer from similar kinds of sexual orientation confusion as a result of their abuse. For example, if the abuser performed oral sex on you, you may have been aroused as well as repelled by the experience. Whether you were abused by a male or a female doesnt make a difference.

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